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DV-ACT Training

DV-ACT trainers have decades of experience in delivering training to public and voluntary sector agencies including the National Probation Service, the Youth Offending Services, Children’s Services and the Family Courts.
Attachment & Vulnerability in Domestic Violence 
This inspirational training day is designed to help social workers feel more confident in their work with clients who have an attachment to their abuser and where there is a likelihood of reconciliation following separation. The areas covered in the course are as follows:


  • How to assess whether a mother remains attached to her partner

  • The separating/reconciling dynamic in abusive relationships

  • The likelihood of remaining separated - positive and negative indicators

  • The impact of DV work with mothers - when is it effective?

These reflect the most commonly asked questions by professionals and link most closely to the risk of re-assault. 


Our training is focused on developing practical skills in 'what to do' with mothers, how to identify attachment and to respond to increasing risk.  The objectives are that by the end of the training practitioners should be able to:

  • Identify the most reliable indicators of vulnerability to domestic abuse

  • Assess the factors which suggest ongoing attachment to an abuser

  • Make a clear, defensible judgement about the likelihood of a woman reconciling with her abuser

  • Demonstrate a sound basic knowledge the most common cycle of violence

  • Be able to hear disclosures from victims, including children, with confidence and know what questions to ask

  • Make a judgement about the suitability/effectiveness of treatment options

  • Understand the pattern of separating and reconciling with abusers and to work with victims in this area

The 1 day event in London for this training course is now full, however, this event has also been run very successfully in local authority premises where a large group of up to 20 staff can attend at a much reduced cost to the organisations.  Please contact us for further details of bespoke training on your premises.



We are happy to discuss your particular training needs with Team Managers.  The most cost-effective option is often for us to come into your workplace to deliver the training. 

Subject areas for training programmes

  • Family Support Workers - training in working with parents affected by domestic abuse

  • Giving expert evidence in court

  • Risk assessment for perpetrators of domestic abuse

  • Assessing women’s vulnerability to domestic abuse

  • Domestic abuse and adolescents

Recent training undertaken by DV-ACT 

  • Comprehensive training programmes in Greater Manchester including:

    • Domestic abuse with young people for YOTs

    • Risk Assessment for social workers in Bury, Oldham, Rochdale, Stockport and Swindon

    • Working with domestic violence for Family Support Workers

  • Training and consultancy in the delivery of domestic violence perpetrator programmes for the National Probation Service

  • Training in subject areas including motivational interviewing, risk assessment, criminology for probation officers, basic group-work techniques and working with adolescent boys.

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Domestic Violence Assessment

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Domestic Violence Assessment

Consultancy & Training