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Our Vision

DVACT-PAI was created with the aim of using professional expertise to help safeguard children from abuse. This is at the heart of everything that we do.

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About Us

DVACT-PAI consists of an established team of independent experts who have worked together for many years, helping to keep children safe from domestic abuse across the UK.

Our independence means that we have the flexibility to deliver the most suitable interventions, to find creative and realistic means of managing risk and to devise bespoke treatment packages. We take a principled stance with the welfare of women and children at the centre of our concerns.

Our team

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The DVACT-PAI team comprises expert assessors and treatment specialists with decades of experience in undertaking domestic abuse assessments and child protection interventions.

Our experts are drawn from a variety of relevant fields, including probation, mental health, social work and academia.  We have a highly experienced team working across the UK to deliver high quality expert assessments and bespoke specialist programmes both for families in child protection measures and those involved in the family court processes.

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Who we are

DVACT-PAI is a new collaboration but our team has many years of experience, and we are passionate about our new organisation and the ideals underpinning it.

DV-ACT was formed in 2018 by former members of the DVIP family court team and managed by founders Tracey Boylan and Claire Verney. In 2023 DV-ACT merged with Partner Abuse Interventions (PAI) to become DVACT-PAI. 

PAI worked for 15 years as a pioneering organisation in developing and delivering risk assessment and risk management interventions in family cases.

Now as a much larger team spread across the UK we work together to help professionals protect the most vulnerable children in our society from abuse in the home.

Who we work with

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Children's Services

We work with Local Authorities at all stages of a case from early intervention to care proceedings.

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Lawyer and judge

Family Courts

All of our assessments and interventions are suitable for cases in court proceedings.

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We accept joint instructions from parties in court proceedings or at PLO/Pre-proceedings stage.

In court

Parents in private proceedings

Where the court makes an order for a risk assessment or domestic abuse programme we accept self-referrals from parents.

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