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Psychological Assessments

Should a referrer have concerns about the extent to which mental health difficulties affect a parent’s functioning, we can provide formal screening for psychopathology. These assessments are undertaken by our expert HCPC registered psychologists.

Psychological Assessments

A psychological assessment does not replace the need for a risk/family safety assessment – the presence of mental health difficulties is not necessarily a risk indicator, and many people who pose high risk do not have an identifiable mental health difficulty.  It is important to recognise that many behaviours that appear anomalous (such as returning repeatedly to an abusive partner) are common where domestic abuse is a factor and do not necessarily indicate abnormal pathology.


Psychological assessments are offered in conjunction with family safety assessments in cases where there are concerns about the extent to which mental health or personality difficulties affect a parent’s functioning. We can provide formal screening for psychopathology, using well-respected self-report inventories alongside clinical interviews.


While it is beyond the area of expertise of a psychologist to make diagnoses, the report can comment on any observed indications of mental health problems or personality difficulties and make recommendations for treatment to address these. The assessment is usually presented as a part of the family safety assessment and includes;


  • history of psychiatric or psychological problems;

  • developmental history;

  • social and emotional functioning;

  • personality patterns;

  • clinical syndromes;

  • recommendations for treatment (as part of the FSA recommendations).

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