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DV Assessments

Domestic Abuse Risk Assessments 

Our highly qualified team can provide perpetrator and victim assessments in care proceedings, private law, PLO and at CP Plan where domestic violence or sexual offending is a key risk to children.


All of our assessments are designed to safeguard the children, noted for providing clarity in matters of risk and help to move complex and difficult cases forward. The report will identify treatment options and risk management strategies reducing the need for care orders and, if the case does enter proceedings, the expert assessment is already in place and avoids delays in the courts timescales.

We have a professional reputation for producing reports within budgets and to short timescales to fit in with court requirements. All of our assessment reports can be used in court and our assessors have many years' experience in the family courts as specialists and expert witnesses.


Our Assessments

Domestic Abuse Perpetrator Risk Assessments

Available in private law cases and for children's services cases at any stage. This assessment identifies static

and dynamic risks, the imminence/likelihood of re-assault, suitability/prognosis for treatment and a realistic risk management plan, considering the prognosis for change while maintaining a focus on the safety of partners and children.

Domestic Abuse Vulnerability (Victim) Assessment

Alongside identifying vulnerability to future abuse, the impact of the abuse on the victim’s parenting will also be assessed including Identifying static/dynamic vulnerabilities to previous and potential future abuse, ability to assess risk and prioritise safety and recommends risk management strategies and treatment options.

Joint Domestic Abuse Assessment of Both Parents

An assessment of both parents including all the elements of risk and vulnerability assessments, but also: gives a clear picture of the dynamics of the relationship, the likelihood of separation/reconciliation and the particular safeguarding issues raised by the parental relationship.

Preliminary Assessment

Where there is an urgent need for an overview of risks prior to a full report being completed, this report will provide an outline of static risk/vulnerability factors and an indication of dynamic factors giving
an early view on treatment suitability and prognosis for change.

Sexual Offender 


Undertaken by our specialists in sexual offending these assessments will identify risk management plans where offenders have close contact with a family.

Other Domestic Abuse Assessments

DV-ACT can also provide the following
expert domestic violence reports:

  • Third-Party Carer (Special Guardianship) Assessment

  • Whole Family Assessments

  • Interim and final programme reports.


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