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DV-ACT Ltd - Registered Office: 71-75 Shelton Street, London WC2H9JQ - Registered Number: 11379215 

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Expert Assessments

Our highly qualified team can provide perpetrator and victim assessments in care proceedings, private law, PLO and at CP Plan where domestic violence or sexual offending is a key risk to children.


We have a professional reputation for producing reports within budgets and to much shorter timescales to fit in with court requirements. All of our assessment reports can be used in court and our assessors have many years' experience in the family courts as specialists and expert witnesses.



DV-ACT provide a number of different assessments for children's services a brief description is given below, or for further details you can visit our Assessments Page.

Risk assessment of perpetrators – Identifies static/dynamic risks, the imminence/likelihood of re-assault, suitability/prognosis for treatment and a risk management plan;

Vulnerability assessment of victims/survivors – Identifies static/dynamic vulnerabilities to previous and potential future abuse, assesses impact of domestic violence on a victim’s parenting, and recommends risk management strategies and treatment options;

Joint Risk/Vulnerability assessment - The assessment of both parents gives a clear picture of the dynamics of the relationship, the likelihood of separation/reconciliation and the particular safeguarding issues raised by the parental relationship;

Family Assessment – Takes account of older adolescents/other adults in the home whose behaviour is defined as domestic abuse, identifies risks and the principal source of danger, provides risk management plans;

Third Party Carer Assessment – Examines whether a potential carer has an adequate understanding of domestic violence, the impact on the child/children, the ongoing risks, and the ability to protect the children under specific circumstances (for people being considered as alternative carers);

Sex Offender Assessments - Undertaken by our specialists in sexual offending and will identify risk management plans where offenders have close contact with a family.

Preliminary Report – Provides an outline of static risk factors and an indication of dynamic factors to comment on treatment suitability and prognosis for change, where there is an urgent need for an overview of risks prior to a full report being completed;

​Our team has experience of complex cases involving multiple partners, and varied cultural backgrounds and languages. 




DV-ACT provides expert domestic abuse risk assessments of perpetrators for cases where child contact is being considered. These assessments are suitable for all cases in private law proceedings, including female perpetrators, whether or not the client is assessed as eligible for a treatment programme. We can also provide bespoke assessments for complex cases.

Our assessments must be ordered by the court but we accept referrals from any source including social workers, CAFCASS officers, solicitors or the parents directly. 

All completed assessments include a report that can be used in court proceedings. All of our assessors are experienced in attending court as expert witnesses. 

All our assessments:

  • Are prepared by expert assessors;

  • Follow RESPECT’s principles and good practice guidelines;

  • Include detailed case chronologies which track key risk indicators over time, and which locate episodes of violence and abuse within wider patterns of coercive control;

  • Consider specific areas and levels of risk posed to the other parent and their children, including through contact arrangements;

  • Consider how identified risks may impact on a father’s parenting capacity;

  • Provide integrated risk management plans, which consider fathers’ suitability for treatments and their prognosis for change, while maintaining a focus on the safety of mothers and children. 

Perpetrator Treatment Programmes

In cases where clients have been assessed as suitable for a domestic abuse perpetrator programme (DAPP), we can complete bespoke 1 to 1 work or recommend cases to RESPECT-accredited providers. Progress reports can be requested in cases where we prepared the initial assessment.

Fees and Timescales

We can produce a full assessment within 4 - 6 weeks of receiving all required paperwork. Where a client is self funding we also require the fees to be paid in advance of us starting the assessment. Please contact us for details of fees and required information/documents.

Assessments for Children's Services

Assessments for Child Contact

Domestic Violence Assessment

Consultancy & Training


Domestic Violence Assessment

Consultancy & Training