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Sex Offender Assessments

DVACT-PAI can offer perpetrator and/or victim assessments where sexual offending is a key risk to children. Unlike many similar assessments a DVACT-PAI report will provide a detailed risk management plan and will identify key risk indicators specific to each child who may be exposed to abuse.



Assessment of the risk of sexual harm – These are undertaken by our specialists in sexual offending and will identify risk management plans where offenders or risky adults have close contact with a family; this can be a parent, partner or other members of the family, including adolescents. 

As a minimum the report will contain the following:


  • the risk of sexual offending, grooming and exploitation;

  • history of abuse and the possible impact on the child/ren;

  • social functioning and self-management;

  • external factors – support/supervision networks;

  • assessment of sexual interests; 

  • compliance with orders/agreements;

  • motivation to stop sexually harmful behaviours;

  • internal drivers, insight and empathy;

  • likelihood of further exposure of the subject child/ren to sexual abuse;

  • prognosis for change and a risk management plan.


Assessment of protective capacity – This provides an assessment of the non-offending parent and includes:


  • application of the Capacity & Ability to Supervise and Protect- Risk Framework (CASP-R);

  • parent’s background and any adverse childhood experiences which relate to their capacity to protect;

  • an analysis of the power dynamics in their relationship with the offender;

  • ability to recognise abuse, including grooming;

  • understanding of abuse and the impact on children;

  • support network;

  • ability to take action and work openly with professionals to manage the risk. 


Joint assessment of both parents (please note that all clients are seen separately) – This assessment includes all the elements of the risk and protective capacity assessments outlined above, but also:


  • a clear picture of the dynamics of the relationship; 

  • the likelihood of separation/reconciliation; 

  • the particular safeguarding issues raised by the parental relationship;

  • a risk management plan for each member of the family.

Perp prog headers (6).png

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