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Sex Offender Risk Assessment

DV-ACT can offer perpetrator and/or victim assessments where sexual offending is a key risk to children. These assessments are undertaken by our specialists in sexual offending and will identify risk management plans where offenders have close contact with a family. Unlike many similar assessments a DV-ACT report will provide a detailed risk management plan and will identify key risk indicators specific to each child who may be exposed to abuse.  

Timescales and costs can be provided upon request as it is dependent upon the complexity of the case and the availability of specialist assessors. As a minimum assessments will examine:

●the risk of sexual offending, grooming and exploitation

● history of abuse and the possible impact on the child;
● likelihood of further exposure of the child to abuse;
● parent’s understanding of the impact of the abuse on children and ability to protect;
● static and dynamic risk factors, such as denial of culpability, remorse and victim empathy;
● prognosis for treatment and a risk management plan.

Where there is an urgent need for an overview of risk and/or vulnerability prior to a full report being completed, a preliminary report can be provided that will give an outline of static factors, an indication of dynamic factors and give an early view on treatment suitability and prognosis for change.

Terms and conditions, referral form and printable information sheets are available to download below. Alternatively please contact us.

Assessment Docs

Referral Form

Download our referral form that can be completed electronically and emailed 

Assessments Info

Printable info sheet including report contents, breakdown of hours and costs

Fees and Timescales

Printable sheet with details of our assessment fees and timescales

Terms and Conditions

Our assessment terms and conditions including our privacy policy

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