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How To Make A DV-ACT Assessment Referral

If you are a social worker or solicitor this post will tell you how you can refer a client for an expert assessment at DV-ACT

Referrals to DV-ACT are quick and easy, with several options to help you refer in a way that is convenient for you.

Follow the instructions below so that we can get started without delay.

  1. Work out what assessment you need - Do you need a single assessment of a Father or Mother, a joint assessment of both parents or a specialist sexual offender, third party or family assessment? Visit our assessment page for more information or contact an expert to discuss the case.

  2. Complete and email a referral form - Download our referral form from the resources page, complete it electronically and email to our practice manager at This can be sent by Egress Switch or if you have any other secure email systems contact us. Please note our terms and conditions with our privacy policy are included on the referral form or can be downloaded separately here.

  3. Send documents related to the case - Our expert assessors read all the case documentation in order to produce a thorough assessment of the risks/vulnerabilities. The documentation needed depends upon the status of case (i.e whether it is in court proceedings, at PLO, CP or CIN) once the practice manager has received the referral form she will let you know what is needed.

  4. Liaise with the assessor - After submission of a referral the practice manager will let you know which of our experts have been assigned to your case, the assessor will then speak to you to make arrangements for the client interviews.

Refer now

Our assessors work quickly in order to complete assessments within timescales so please do not hesitate to get in touch in advance if there are any problems completing the referral form or providing documentation. We are here to help you make the best decisions for your client on time and within budget.


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