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Request A Domestic Abuse Assessment

Referrals for DV-ACT assessments are quick and easy, with several options to help you refer in a way that is convenient for you. You might find it helpful to read our blog post 'How to make a DV-ACT referral'. For printable information on our assessments, fees and our terms and conditions please click here


For social workers and solicitors who wish to refer a client for an assessment you can download our referral form here, alternatively, you can contact us or fill out the form below.

Please note that if you are looking to refer yourself for an assessment, as independent experts we are only able to complete an assessment when we have been ordered by the court or it is requested by the local authority. Please contact if you need further information about our assessment.

Request an assessment

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Assessment Docs

Referral Form

Download our referral form that can be completed electronically and emailed 

Assessments Info

Printable info sheet including report contents, breakdown of hours and costs

Terms and Conditions

Our assessment terms and conditions including our privacy policy

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