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This resource page contains further information about DV-ACT and free resources for professionals as follows:



Assessment Docs

Assessments Info

Printable info sheet including report contents, breakdown of hours and costs

Assessments Leaflet for Solicitors

Download our referral form that can be completed electronically and emailed 

Assessments Leaflet for Childrens Services

Leaflet for social workers about DV-ACT assessments

Assessment Report Contents

Detailed leaflet setting out the contents of assessment reports


Training & Consultancy Leaflet

Leaflet about DV-ACT training and consultancy services.

Vulnerability and attachment training

Details of Vulnerability and attachment training for social workers.

Free Bite Size Training

Details and booking form for free bite size training.

Safety Planning

Safety Planning 

Infographic with guidelines for completing safety planning with families

Safety Rules

Safety rules for parents to follow as part of a safety plan.

Emergency Advice for Avoiding Conflict in Isolation

Emergency advice that can be given to perpetrators to avoid conflict in the event of the family going into isolation.


How to spot coercive control

Infographic with guidance on how to spot coercive control in a relationship

Why doesn't she leave

Infographic for social workers

Have they really seperated

Infographic for social workers on how to assess whether a couple have separated

Vulnerability Indicators

Infographic for social workers

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