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Expert Training and Consultancy

Using decades of experience in the field to assist professionals working with families experiencing domestic abuse

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Our Consultancy Services

DVACT-PAI experts have considerable experience in training on all matters related to domestic abuse as well as acting as consultants for social work teams and individuals

Our experts have considerable experience of developing services for women and children who have experienced domestic abuse, in addition to services for perpetrators. We can provide consultancy to social work teams either in one day 'surgeries' or in 1 to 1 sessions as follows:

  • Casework supervision – perpetrator or vulnerability work

  • Facilitating effective working between perpetrators and support service workers

  • Project development (i.e. supporting the set-up of a new project)

  • Programme development  (i.e. helping to evaluate and revise a project’s work)

We can also provide consultancy on the strategic planning of domestic violence services across the community.  



Our training professionals have decades of experience in delivering training to public and voluntary sector agencies including the National Probation Service, the Youth Offending Services, Children’s Services and the Family Courts.

We are happy to discuss your particular training needs with Team Managers.  Often, the most cost-effective option is for us to deliver the training via video conference, or we can come to your workplace to deliver bespoke training based on your agency's particular needs. 



DV-ACT experts are available throughout the UK to speak at public events, conferences and to the media. 

With many years' experience in the field our professionals can deliver expert perspectives on the following:

  • All areas relating to domestic abuse

  • Working with perpetrators

  • Attachment and vulnerability

  • Assessing the risk of sexual harm

  • Risk and vulnerability assessment

  • Safe contact between children and abusive parents 

  • Safeguarding children from domestic and sexual abuse

  • Giving evidence in the family court

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