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DV-ACT to Merge with PAI

August 2023 sees the merge of DV-ACT with PAI to become a leading provider of domestic abuse assessments and interventions in the UK.


We are thrilled to announce that DV-ACT is joining with Partner abuse interventions (PAI), another leading provider of expert assessments in the field of domestic abuse. PAI has been a pioneer in developing and delivering risk assessment and risk management interventions in family cases for over 15 years and shares our core aims to provide clarity and treatment options to social workers and the family courts whilst putting children at the heart of domestic abuse practice.

The new organisation will have an increased capacity to provide expert reports in a range of areas. Further information on the range of services we will be offering to local authorities are outlined in this post and our information sheet can be downloaded below.

DVACT-PAI All Services Information for Local Authorities Final
Download PDF • 297KB

On a day-to-day basis, it’s business as usual and we will continue to deliver an expert service to help you safeguard the most vulnerable children but with many new services and expanded areas of expertise. However, for ongoing referrals there are several things you should know at this stage:

  • Any ongoing PAI and DV-ACT assessments will continue and will be invoiced upon completion in the normal way

  • Our timescales will remain the same

  • You can continue to contact us using the same DV-ACT and PAI contact numbers 0203 9678368 and 0789 6865 677

  • To make referrals or enquiries for any DVACT-PAI services you can email us at and

  • PAI email addresses and websites will redirect you to DVACT-PAI

  • If you previously corresponded directly with an assessor we suggest calling/emailing the office using the contact details above.


Risk assessment ranking

As a new agency we will continue to specialise in complex cases with assessments designed to offer a level of clarity and insight into the dynamics of abuse and ongoing risks within the family, including an expert opinion on specific issues of concern. All assessments will be available in local authority cases for one or both parents and third parties.

Our core values remain, including that only experts with relevant expertise complete domestic abuse or sexual abuse assessments. All DVACT-PAI expert assessors possess the competencies and expertise outlined in the 2012 guidelines for the commissioning of expert domestic violence risk assessments and have many years' experience in the family courts as specialists and expert witnesses. CVs of all experts will be available upon request.

We are always keenly aware of the need to move matters forward swiftly, particularly regarding the children's timescales, and as a new agency, we will continue to keep this focus and provide expert reports within greatly reduced timescales of 6 - 10 weeks (depending upon the type of assessment and current caseload), meeting court dates wherever possible.

The types of assessments that we will provide are:

  • Family safety assessments - including domestic abuse risk assessments of perpetrators, vulnerability assessments of victims, joint assessments of both parents, 3rd party carer assessments and whole family assessments.

  • Sex Offender assessments - including assessments of the risks of sexual harm and assessments of the protective capacity of non-offending parents.

  • Assessments of psychological functioning for 1 or both parents.

  • Cognitive assessments for 1 or both parents.

Download our information sheet above for further information or contact us at


action changes thing signpost to dvact programmes

DV-action programmes will continue to provide bespoke interventions designed to support effective change in parents particularly where there are complex needs.

All of our programmes can be used for cases in child protection measures or care proceedings with our perpetrator programme remaining available to self-referring parents in private law (contact or residency) proceedings.

Programmes are delivered on a one-to-one basis with weekly sessions delivered by a specialist using video calling with access to technology included, making the work more accessible. Each case is allocated a dedicated treatment specialist to deliver sessions and a risk assessor to provide oversight and complete a final report that can be used in proceedings and filed with all parties.

Our groundbreaking programme for vulnerable mothers is available for mothers in child protection measures and is particularly suitable for women who: have an enduring emotional attachment to their abuser; have a history of separating and reconciling with their abuser; consistently minimise the abuse/retract statements, or have failed to prioritise their own or their children’s safety when making decisions. The work is demanding and matched to the needs of the mother and the Child Protection plan.

Bespoke perpetrator programmes are also available including:

  • Partner Abuse Intervention for Parents (DAPP) - this programme is a structured programme of 18 sessions for perpetrators who have some level of acceptance of their abusive behaviour.

  • Motivational programme - this 1:1 programme is suitable for perpetrators who are willing to complete work but are unsuitable for a full domestic abuse perpetrator programme due to denial and minimisation.

  • Specialist perpetrator work - bespoke programmes of work are provided to perpetrators where focus is required on a specific area of need. This could include domestic abuse work with an emphasis on parenting and child protection, safety planning, early intervention or sexual offending.

You can find out more by visiting our dedicated programmes website at

How we make a difference

DV-ACT and PAI experts have worked for many years to provide independent assistance to the family court and work alongside professionals to help keep children safe from domestic abuse and sexual abuse. This is how we can help make a difference in your case:

  • A child-centred approach - The safety of the child is always the main consideration, making our assessments and programmes more appropriate to address child safeguarding concerns.

  • We move cases forward - Our reports provide clarity in areas of risk, specialising in complex cases, we can help move cases on with realistic views on treatment and risk management within the children's timescales. Our programmes aim to move clients to a point where they can make effective changes.

  • We use only experienced experts with relevant expertise - All of our assessments and interventions can be used for cases in court proceedings delivered by experts who have experience in direct work with domestic abuse or sexual abuse perpetrators and victims.

  • Informed by research - Our assessments and interventions are based on the latest research in the field with all of our programmes including risk assessor oversight and a final risk assessment report upon completion.

  • Independence - As an independent service we have the flexibility to refer to the most suitable interventions, to find creative and realistic means of managing risk and to devise bespoke treatment packages.

Our story continues

DV-ACT was formed in 2018 by former members of the DVIP family courts team and as a team we have worked tirelessly over the last 5 years to develop our assessment model and find innovative new ways of delivering interventions to parents. At the heart of this was our mission to keep children safe from abuse within the home while supporting professionals, providing an expert service and raising awareness of domestic abuse and violence to women and girls.

Tracey and I are thrilled that we are merging with a fellow organisation that follows the same ideals and uncompromising values as us and we look forward to the next step in our journey.

For more information on any of our services please contact us at


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