• Claire Verney

DV-ACT Expertise

We are often asked for details of our expertise in dealing with complex cases. This post will outline the experience of our assessors in assessing parents with a variety of complicating factors.

Although a relatively new company DV-ACT experts have decades of experience in undertaking domestic abuse assessments and child protection interventions.

Coming from a variety of different backgrounds our experts have at least 10 years' experience as experts in the field of domestic abuse with a proven track record of direct work with victims and perpetrators, academic research and providing expert analysis and assessments to local authorities and the family courts.  

A number of our team worked in the 1990’s to help develop the first risk assessment model currently used by organisations across the UK today. As well as this, the team pioneered the evidence based vulnerability assessment of mothers. Further information on the team and our expertise can be found on our meet the team page (CVs are available upon request to the practice manager).

Specialising in complex cases

DV-ACT specialises in working with parents in complex cases and as well as considerable expertise in all forms of domestic abuse our cases have included the following complicating factors:

  • Drug and alcohol use

  • Mental health and learning disability concerns - both diagnosed and undiagnosed

  • Child and victim homicide

  • Stalking

  • Child sexual abuse

  • Adolescent parents

  • Violence from children/adolescents towards a parent

  • Cultural concerns - particularly where there are cultural imperatives for staying in the relationship

  • Traveller communities

  • Honour based violence

  • FGM

  • Parents who are refugees and have been involved in conflicts

  • Parents from a military background

  • Sex workers

  • Same-sex and trans partners

  • Female perpetrators

  • Violence from children/adolescents towards a parent

Please note that our assessors have experience in different areas and if you require expertise in a specific area this should be communicated to the practice manager.

DV-ACT assessments

DV-ACT assessments are based upon an analysis of empirically-derived risk indicators derived from multiple sources of information about the subject’s background, giving detailed consideration to both static and dynamic risk factors. All assessments include detailed and realistic risk management plans for the parents and the children involved. Our assessments are completed to incredibly swift timescales and are designed to move even the most complex cases on. to find out more about the types of assessments we offer for domestic and sexual abuse cases go to assessments. To find out how our experts can help you please contact us.

Working through Coronavirus Crisis

Please note that DV-ACT are continuing to work throughout the Cornavirus pandemic visit our post how-are-dv-act-completing-assessments-during-coronavirus-crisis to find out how we are using video calling technology to complete our vital services.

About us

DV-ACT are a team of domestic abuse experts, available throughout the UK, who provide assessments, consultancy and training to local authorities and the family courts. 

Our experts have decades of experience working directly with domestic abuse perpetrators and victims, as specialist assessors and as expert witnesses in the family courts.

​DV-ACT was formed with the aim of using our expertise to help safeguard children from abuse, this is at the heart of everything that we do.