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Domestic Abuse Vulnerability Assessment

A vulnerability assessment of victims/survivors of domestic abuse aims to identify any vulnerability to future abuse and the impact of the abuse on the victim’s parenting. This assessment is available at any stage of the case (CIN, CP plan, PLO and care proceedings) and can be completed by an expert assessor in just 4 weeks*. A vulnerability assessment is suitable regardless of whether the victims remains in the abusive relationship and will include a risk management plan for every member of the family.  


The assessment is designed to provide clarity in areas of vulnerability and is always completed by expert witnesses who can attend court if necessary and answer further questions provided in a letter of instruction. This assessment can also run alongside a bespoke programme of work with the victim/survivor.


As a minimum, the report will include:

● mother’s background, including exposure to violence as a child and any violence in
previous relationships;
● history of domestic violence and the possible impact on the child, and likelihood of
further exposure of the child to domestic violence;
● mother’s understanding of the impact of the domestic violence on children;
● static and dynamic vulnerability indicators, including ability to assess risk and
prioritise safety, ability to access support and understanding of domestic abuse;
● range of factors that may have contributed to domestic violence risks;
● recommendations for risk management strategies and treatment options.

Where there is an urgent need for an overview of vulnerability prior to a full report being completed, a preliminary report can be provided that will give an outline of static factors and an indication of dynamic factors giving an early view on treatment suitability and prognosis for change.

Joint risk and vulnerability assessments of both parents are also available.

Terms and conditions, referral form and printable information sheets are available to download below. Alternatively please contact us.

* Timescales are subject to change depending upon current workload.

Assessment Docs

Referral Form

Download our referral form that can be completed electronically and emailed 

Assessments Info

Printable info sheet including report contents, breakdown of hours and costs

Fees and Timescales

Printable sheet with details of our assessment fees and timescales

Terms and Conditions

Our assessment terms and conditions including our privacy policy

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