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DV-ACT Ltd - Registered Office: 71-75 Shelton Street, London WC2H9JQ - Registered Number: 11379215 

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Working With Children's Services

We know that children’s social workers are under ever-increasing pressure, and the decisions they have to make can be life or death. An expert assessment can inform these decisions and offer a realistic strategy for risk management. 

  • Informed decisions – We offer a level of clarity and insight into the dynamics of abuse and ongoing risks within the family, whether the couple have separated, who the primary perpetrator is and helping with decision making at any stage;

  • Timescales - We are always keenly aware of the need to move matters forward swiftly, particularly regarding the children's timescales;

  • Early intervention – Our assessments are suitable for any stage of the local authority’s intervention, including Child in Need, Child Protection or Public Law Outline, as well as court;

  • Keeping cases out of court - Our Risk Management Plans can often recommend ways forward that are acceptable to all parties, avoiding the need to go to court wherever possible;

  • Reduce the need for Care Orders – We can often identify treatment options and risk management strategies to reduce the need for care orders and the financial, social and emotional costs of removing children.







DV-ACT provides expert assessments for children's services at any stage, including cases in the family court. All of our assessment reports can be used in court and our assessors have many years' experience in the family courts as specialists and expert witnesses. For further details of what our assessments include with a breakdown of hours please click here.

One to one work with clients

Where an expert report has been completed we can also offer a one to one programme of work. The programme can be delivered with a mixture of face to face and remote sessions tailored to the needs of the client, as identified in the initial report. This work can also be used where a full programme is not suitable and preparatory work is required. A report can be completed at the end of the programme detailing progress made, if risk/vulnerability has reduced and further recommendations with regards to risk management.


DV-ACT clinical managers are experts at moving intractable cases forward and assisting proffessionals dealing with complex cases. Consultation can be offered over the phone via skype or to the team as a in 1 day surgeries. For further information on consultancy please visit our consultancy page.


We are currently offering free bite size training to social work teams in certain areas across the UK. Our expert trainers can also attend offices to deliver training courses on a large range of issues relating to domestic or sexual abuse. For further information please visit our training page.

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Domestic Violence Assessment

Consultancy & Training


Domestic Violence Assessment

Consultancy & Training