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Welcome to our central hub for information and guidance on working with vulnerable mothers. DV-ACT experts pioneered the first specialist vulnerability assessments and programmes for mothers who are victim/survivors of domestic abuse in the UK. Our work with vulnerable mothers grew from a need for child protection services to improve the safety of children at risk from domestic abuse in the home and as experts in safeguarding children we have decades of experience in working with families in complex cases.

Most community domestic abuse services offer excellent education, support and advocacy to victims. However, the needs of mothers in child protection measures are often complex, with children's social workers and the family courts having concerns regarding mothers who; have an enduring emotional attachment to their abuser; have a history of separating and reconciling with their abuser; minimising the abuse/retracting statements and have failed to prioritise their own or their children’s safety when making decisions.


It is important that while we urge Mothers to make positive changes in order to protect their child/ren we also acknowledge that the responsibility for abuse should always be placed with the abuser and not with the victim. Wherever possible the perpetrator should be held accountable for their abuse and pressured towards changing their behaviour.

Here we have pulled together relevant research and information on how vulnerable women with complex problems can be supported, assessed and the safety of their children and themselves improved.


For further details regarding our vulnerability assessments, programmes and training please contact us at or call us on 02039678368.


If you would like to speak to an expert about a case we offer social workers and solicitors free 15 minute consultations with our team. Please contact the practice manager at to arrange a call back.


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